Oh—and I actually have a life, too...

I like to strive for balance: I appreciate a good glass of wine on the patio, but equally value gym time or a hike. Nothing gets me more excited than trying a new place to eat. I can never read enough books. I have a case of permanent wanderlust but am always happy to come home to my comfy king-sized bed.

My pride and joy is my adorable white Siberian Husky named Gronk

Yep, as in Gronkowski.

Hey there!

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you wanna learn more about me. Well, I'm an ambivert with small-town roots living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and I love to teach as much as I love to learn. I believe that relationships are super important and that helping others find success is one of the greatest rewards. Having worked in a variety of industries in many different capacities, I've collected a number of skills outside of the people and culture space along the way, including:


People and Culture Leader

Previously: Product Marketing, Customer 
Success and Social Media

Vancouver, BC


Social Media Strategy

From campaign creation to daily publishing and engagement, I've grown and managed various social channels

Content Marketing

I've written highly shareable blog posts and helped develop ebooks and microsites for lead generation

Email Marketing

I have experience creating newsletters, nurture campaigns and engagement campaigns to increase conversions


Finding new ways to make mutually beneficial deals and build relationships excites and inspires me

Performance Marketing

As part of a number of multi-channel campaigns, I've managed paid social, AdWords and display budgets

Community Management

Whether in person or online, I enjoy getting the chance to connect with others and foster conversation between them

Are you up for a chat?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you think there's an opportunity for us to work together :)

"I've been fortunate to have the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Tia as co-City Organizers for Tech Ladies® in Vancouver! Tia has been beyond reliable, communicative, and has gone beyond to leverage her personal and professional network to make sure each event has been considered successful. Together, we've helped set the standard for other Tech Ladies events internationally and supported other women in the process." 

Kara Zucker

Product Manager, Kinzoo

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Customer Success

I've onboarded, educated and advocated for customers, as well as conducted user research and persona development

International Expansion

When Unbounce was looking to reach new markets, I recruited in Berlin to better serve local content needs

Project Management

Order comes naturally to me; I've overseen the logistics for website redesigns, branding events and more

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